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Saturday, December 10, 2005

gah gah gah gah.

Played GoPets a lot, I have a dog named Molly (because I am just soooo creative). She visits people and barks! I spent a looot of money on my puppy, and now I need to get money again to buy a bath so she won't STINK. Yes, I said it. She STINKS.

Nothing much chez moi, there are some French people coming over after Christmas. One of my mother's friends and her 13-year-old son, actually, and I am NOT looking forewards to it. Last time they came over, the boy pulled my pigtails and I cried :( Our last visitors, from Taiwan, left a lot of their stuff here - a few DVDs, books, and a sweater. Hopefully they're coming back though... although I won't mind having to 'borrow' them, hehe.

I'm really sorry. Being upset makes me barely coherent. My mother is not making it easy to like her right now. She's a very very bad housekeeper, not because she doesn't work hard, but she goes about things in a very inefficient way and refuses to throw aaaanything out. I tried to throw out a pen and guess what? Salvaged. She went through our garbage to get out an old pen.

Sigh, bitch, moan, out.


Blogger VL said...

Well, we hope we can go back soon too. Dublin is cold and windy.

18 December, 2005 10:49


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