It's like life, but it's on a stick

Saturday, August 06, 2005 - your complete guide to life. Me, I wanna be a movie extra. Weee! Zero to none chance of actually appearing in a movie! Plus side: I get to move to Toronto. Wow. I'm inspired already.

Yes, I know, no update since Hell froze over, bad Bananna, 20 lashes with wet noodle Sorry sorry sorry.

In other news... I was hit on over the internet by a 19-year-old. Proceed with laughter and possibly caution. Besides, he's probably not reading this.

Is he?

And no, I did NOT bring it on myself. Here's a hint, kid: when you flirt, it's better not to mention your 4 other 'girlfriends' who are all younger than me... y'know? Not smart.

Oh well, I gotta give him points for trying. In half a month I get into Real High School and need to get a Real Boyfriend and learn Real Skillz and OH GOD, I LOST MY BUS FORMS!!!!!


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