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Monday, August 22, 2005

Middle of August. I am sitting here in my PJ's at 7:00 drinking HOT CHOCOLATE. God, I love these summer hols.

Currently, I'm reading 'Insomnia' by Steven King. It's very well-written, if nothing else. It starts to get trippy about the same time it gets good. The beginning is very drawn-out. I can see why it's not a movie already, though - some very obscure images are used.

I am so nervous! I have to go to PCVS and while I know it's a great school, still OHMYGODIWON'TKNOWANYONEOMGOMGOMG. I have this horrible mental image of me hanging out with all the losers and getting tattoos all over and smoking pot in the backyard. God. Must scrub brain now.

Oh yes: Kingdom of Loathing is fun. I am a level 4 Disco Bandit. Watch my bitchin' moves, and suchlike! Yes.


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