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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dear Internet Diary,

Yesterday's Doctor Who was cool. (I'm talking about a TV show. Shut UP. I KNOW.) It's 'The Unquiet Dead' where the Doctor and Rose go to 1869 Cardiff to meet Charles Dickens, who had this really funny Shakespeare beard, and meet these weird gas-creatures who are making people zombies and... nah, I won't spoil it, ya gotta watch it yourself.

I watch Doctor Who because a) it's awesome, and b) it's one of the shows that defined modern sci-fi. Much like Star Trek, but not as stupid. There have been at LEAST nine different actors who played our dear Doctor (leather-coat-bedecked Chris Eccleston is the ninth), and there will be a tenth very soon. For those who don't know what it's about:

Rose Tyler, a London brat, meets the Doctor, a time-traveling alien (he looks human but he ain't) who uses a machine inside a phone booth - called the TARDIS - to travel through time and space. The Doctor is the last of an entire race of time travelers. Fun hijinks ensue.

To nerd or not to nerd: that is the next question.

Am I a nerd? It's been bugging me. I have friends, sure, but I'm also pretty smart and wear glasses. I think I'm nice - I'd share candy with people if I ever got it, which is never - but I'm lazy as hell and love my TV and computer to death. I do get exercise, I do know what a 'tree' looks like, but...

... I still feel like a geek. All I need is braces and it'd be complete.



My grandma just left. Dad took her to the airport to catch her plane back to Poland. She might not come back to visit again; she's 77... I want her to come back. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope.

I miss her already.


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