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Friday, April 29, 2005

This happened a while ago. We were watching a crappy kid's cartoon movie.

Canteen Lady 1 - Whatshould be done with this extra food?
Canteen Lady 2 - It'll keep until next year.
Canteen Ladies - MUAHAHAHAHA.

Me - You just found a Disney crapquel funny. I do not know you.

Now for business: my class. Woopee. Okay. Here goes:


(I decided not to do Ms Greer because, really, what's the point? She's not really important to understanding our class.)

Jason B. is short. That means he's taller than me, but not by much. He has black hair - lots of it - in a saladbowl cut and is Native or something (I never asked). He usually wears plaid shirts or t-shirts.

Jason has his own methods. He sings when he's by himself (in a room with less than 10 people). This is usually the flavour-of-the-month pop-rock song. He hates French and is currently going out with a grade 7 girl called Jacquie. Or Jackie. They are always trying to cut off circulation in each other's hands during recess. I don't mean this badly, it's just kinda funny. In case Jason is reading this: I think you're a cute couple, please don't hit me! waah! etc.

You know what, that wasn't funny. Oh well. You've met Jason B. Say hi, Jason!

One more thing! is one of my buddy's websites. Check it out. Warning: it is very teenagerish. Music in the background, bright flashing pictures in every corner, hot pink, tYpInG lIkE tHiS - still a good site, go there if you haven't already.

Yeah. Bye-bye!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Today's got TWO TOPICS-O-RAMA! Yes, that's right folks, for the simple price of $14,99 a month YOU could be the proud owner of two topics a day for the day of April 23rd, 2005!

Yeah. I wish.


My school had an Arts Night on Thursday. I had to be there for the play. This despite the fact that my LUNGS WERE COMING OUT THROUGH MY NOSTRILS. However, people were super nice and understanding and let me hang in a classroom so that my coughing wouldn't distract the poor kids doing their things up front.

The actual play went off okay. I was running back and forth to get water so I wouldn't begin an asthma attack onstage. (I tell you: colds SUCK. But they get you out of school.)

The play is called 'Phantom of the Music Room' although the only thing vaguely like the Phantom of the Opera is that it focuses on classical music. It's silly and has wayyy too many characters for a 30-minute play. Also, I really didn't like our lighting crew. When we ran the play, we had problems: the curtain people didn't see their cue and so kept them open for way too long, meaning that we had to endure some serious peas-and-carroting.

(Peas and carrots refers to the words you have to say if you're filling up time or supposed to be talking in the background: it LOOKS like you're saying something, but you're not. Basically, you whisper or mouth 'peas and carrots! watermelon and raspberries! peas and carrots, carrots? PEAS?! raspberries!' - yeah.)

I played the part of Taylor, the cynical school principal. I have very few lines, but I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Cronkwright - the director - not to have become a kid. There was literally a whole herd of kids, who only had four or five lines in the entire thing.

Also, we skipped some of our lines. I think it was partially my fault. Sorry peeps!


As you may have read from Sarah's blog, there is a boy named Jason in our class.

Jason is questionably heterosexual. He has very long hair. His last name is even more unpronouncable than mine. He wears sleeveless shirts. He pawns answers off people. He sits on my bus and threw duck tape around all the time he was an, although now his daddy dearest drives him most of the time.

He bugs me. Our relationship is like this: I draw beavers for his History titlepage, and help him with answers. In return, he doesn't bug me. It's a fair enough deal. I'm planning to give you all a review on the people in my class, so here's Episode One. Next week: Miss Greer, my teacher. *rubs hands evilly*

**Bonus** TOPIC-O-THREE: Buckhorn Dinner Theatre

To all people reading this in the area: GO THERE. NOW. I will be playing the piano tomorrow (Sunday, April 24th, 2005 AD) along with other students of my piano teacher. It's awesome, because I do what I love doing - playing piano - and I get to watch a cool play (Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit) and also get to eat free food. It doesn't get any better than this.

However, out of a sense of public duty, I am going to plug it on my little blog. Yay! Go there! The play is very well done, by the way, some of the actors do it for a living - plus the lady who plays the psychic threw a sandwich in another guy's face and broke into laughter for about ten minutes. It was hilarious.


Seeya later!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dear Internet Diary,

Yesterday's Doctor Who was cool. (I'm talking about a TV show. Shut UP. I KNOW.) It's 'The Unquiet Dead' where the Doctor and Rose go to 1869 Cardiff to meet Charles Dickens, who had this really funny Shakespeare beard, and meet these weird gas-creatures who are making people zombies and... nah, I won't spoil it, ya gotta watch it yourself.

I watch Doctor Who because a) it's awesome, and b) it's one of the shows that defined modern sci-fi. Much like Star Trek, but not as stupid. There have been at LEAST nine different actors who played our dear Doctor (leather-coat-bedecked Chris Eccleston is the ninth), and there will be a tenth very soon. For those who don't know what it's about:

Rose Tyler, a London brat, meets the Doctor, a time-traveling alien (he looks human but he ain't) who uses a machine inside a phone booth - called the TARDIS - to travel through time and space. The Doctor is the last of an entire race of time travelers. Fun hijinks ensue.

To nerd or not to nerd: that is the next question.

Am I a nerd? It's been bugging me. I have friends, sure, but I'm also pretty smart and wear glasses. I think I'm nice - I'd share candy with people if I ever got it, which is never - but I'm lazy as hell and love my TV and computer to death. I do get exercise, I do know what a 'tree' looks like, but...

... I still feel like a geek. All I need is braces and it'd be complete.



My grandma just left. Dad took her to the airport to catch her plane back to Poland. She might not come back to visit again; she's 77... I want her to come back. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope.

I miss her already.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Hey y'all. You know who you are. Yeah.

Right now, 'Hey Mama' by the Black-Eyed Peas is stuck in my head. I want it OUT! OUT! As well as all the other BEP songs. I don't know why they're so catchy, they just are.

I promised shout-outs to people at school, so, here they are:

To Sarah : I can't find your blog. Help! Also, hi!
To Alex : Good luck on Arts Night. You are so brave.
To Melissa : Hi!
To Sherri : Do you have Internet? Hi anyways.
To Theresa : Hi, Freddi!
To Becky : Hi! (Lookit me, I'm so original.)
To Amanda Flint : I told B & T hi. lol.
To Amanda Ford : You should do route #2 next time! Nudge, nudge.
To Kaitlynn K. : Get on MSN sometime. I mean YOU. Yes.
To Amber : Hi!
To Ashley : Hi!

Whew, I think that's everyone. So. That was Shoutout Day.

I watched half an hour of 'The Tuxedo' (Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt). It... was dumb. Very dumb. But moderately pretty, and lots of stuntwork. Then Mom made me turn it off because God knows, my poor innocent little mind may be shattered by people pretending to punch each other. Who knew? Not me!

If you like reading blogs, I highly reccomend Funny, and right now, pregnant. That makes her funnier. (The Internet is educational. Pass it on.)

That was a long entry. I had an ice cream sandwich. My doggy smells. Thank you.