It's like life, but it's on a stick

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wow... what a day. My batallion of little sisters are always whining about the computer - and spilling EVERY SINGLE BLOODY drink, snack, sandwich, and body fluids all around the desk. No, not THAT type, you sicko. Anyway, there's a fine film of gunk all over the nice plasticky surface. ('Plasticy' isn't a word. I know.)

It's a P.A. day over here and the resulting joy! made the sun shine bright. Yay! Happy! Partay! etc. However, due to the fickle inconsistencies of time and space, nobody that I know is on MSN to chat and throw potatoes at. I feel lonely.

Just today I was referred to Bebo. It's like an address book service on the net. Yay! MORE address books I need to check and get annoying e-mails from every month! The world just doesn't have enough of them! Whew.

Oh well: the world is all right. Red Green is on at 12:30, then RCAF and 22 Minutes. Thank God for TV!