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Monday, December 13, 2004

8:40-something local time, 13th December 2004 AD

Okay, I'm caching my blogs because a) I'm getting ADD and b) the internet is all used up with Dad's radio show and c) I WANNA TALK!!!!!!!!! Please forgive the following arrows. All those who get 3 doses of glurge a day should understand. My poor head.

Oh yeah, fuzzy slippers. Squee!

>>>> Subject One: ADHD <<<<

I am losing focus extra fast. I just can't concentrate on things for very long. Also, my short-term memory has holes in surprising places (a bit like my tights). I went all the way upstairs and into my room only to forget what I went there for - then I remembered it was for my $5, which wasn't there. Another trip up and down the stairs. Noo.
The point is, I'm worried. Is it the air? Is it aspartame? Is it ME? I don't want to be some sort of hyper child who won't be able to sit through a high school don't-do-drugs lecture. Ararrrgh! Ferocity! Plus, tiredness and recent sickness. Boy howdy, this is a wonderful country. Every single germ ever to plague the earth can be found in one sneeze in one classroom.

I read an article in New Scientist lately which I found interesting. Some scientists believe that some mental illnesses may be contagious. They used scizophrenia as an example. This raises disturbing what-ifs...

>>>> Subject Two: Tylenol Tastes Awful <<<<

And there you have it. Let me tell you a tale of Tylenol. Mum and I braved a trip into the Inner Sanctum of Shopper's Drug Mart and emerged with It. IT. Tylenol. I have never sunk so low before. (Just kidding!) Let me show you:
First, there was the cute little red E-Z-Grip cap. That was good.
Then, there was the big bright red pill. That was good.
Then, there was the sweet outer coating. THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Oh, ye forces of nature! However...
Then, there was the horrible horrible bitter taste that the sickeningly sweet outer coating was made to cover up. I cannot swallow pills. It's a vice of mine. I have lied to good old ladies that I swallowed when in reality it was hiding away in my cheek like an acorn in a chipmunk's fuzzy little maw. I can't help it; I have a delicate jaw.
Tylenol Tastes Awful Exclamationmark Exclamationmark Exclamationmark

>>>> Subject Three: Heart Shaped Box <<<<

I'm pretty sure this rock band at my school is playing Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box for the Christmas assembly. I'm almost 99% sure the guitarist was practising the intro to it during music for a few seconds. Conspiracy theories abound in grade
8! Then again, that guy is a Nirvana nut.

Hey: next post, outline the people in my class. Won't that be fun? I'll be fair, promise. For now: zzz, and the blessed Internet is up so I can post my rant! Now I'll be popular and have friends!

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Okay, I use Opera. Opera = good. However, Opera = crashy when you really need it. And Opera = Hates Neopets with a loathing that borders on inhuman. Plus, I had a fever yesterday. Now I have a cold and it hurts to swallow. And I haven't updated this blog for... months. THE WORLD IS FALLING APART!!!!!!!! Red Green is on today, though. Thank God for public television. If he lets YTV be public I just might start going to church again.

Oh yeah: , for all you gals out there who are into the gossip side of things. Really, really, bend-over-and-grab-your-lungs funny. One problem: they did the 'Queen B'- Britney Spears- twice. She's not worth it.

Listening to Queen now. The REAL Queen. We are indeed the Champions.